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Monday, May 11, 2009

Grand Alliance and CKYH Alliance join efforts

PR News Service has learned that, the Grand Alliance is going to join up with the CKYH Alliance on the China North East Pacific (CEN) service on the Asia/ US West coast trade from the end of this month.

The CEN service has historically been a COSCO Container Lines operated service under the CKYH Alliance, but from the end of May, the Grand Alliance Lines will begin phasing in three 5,000/6,000 TEUs vessels, with the first, the 6,148 TEUs NYK Canopus expected to sail from Dalian on 30 May 2009.

All three vessels, which include the 5,888 TEUs siser vessels, OOCL Antwerp and OOCL Vancouver, are being switched from the Middle East Asia Express (MAX), which as reported (Copy 6042, 8 May 2009), is also becoming an OOCL, TSK (NYK), COSCO-operated service initially with COSCO capacity previously deployed on the CEN service.

The five vessels necessary to run a weekly service will be completed with two further vessels from Hanjin The CEN service offers direct port calls at Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Prince Rupert, Long Beach, Oakland, Yokohama and Dalian.

The vessel deployment on the CEN will be, as follows:-

OOCL Antwerp - 5,888 TEUs
OOCL Vancouver - 5,888 TEUs
NYK Canopus - 6,148 TEUs
Hanjin Ottawa - 5,608 TEUs
Hanjin Basel - 5,752 TEUs

Weekly capacity: 5,856 TEUs

Source: PR News/ Copy 6044/ 11 May 2009

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